Welsh Government increase tuition fee cap

Last week the Welsh Government announced that they were increasing the tuition fee cap. This is the maximum amount that universities can charge UK students for their full-time undergraduate courses. This increase in the tuition fee cap brings in Wales in line with other UK nations who were already able to charge up to £9,250 for their relevant courses.

Whilst Welsh Government sets this maximum amount, it is the decision of individual universities as to how much they charge for courses.

The University has decided the following for UK full-time undergraduate students:

  • New entrants to the University will be charged the increased tuition fee of £9,250 from September 2025. These students will then pay £9,250 a year for the duration of their course.
  • Students who started their course before September 2025 will continue to be charged £9,000 a year for the duration of their full-time undergraduate course.

Fees for international students, part-time students, and postgraduate students will not be affected by the latest announcement.

In making these changes, the University has considered the terms and conditions of contracts that are in place with existing students and new applicants, as well as other factors.

To support students when the new increases take effect, the Welsh Government is also increasing the tuition fee loan to up to £9,250 for students ordinarily resident in Wales who study in Wales (and for certain others who study here).