USW joins Cardiff Safe Places scheme

Stay Safe ENG v2.png

The University is now a member of the Cardiff Safe Places scheme – a network of organisations across Cardiff offering a safe space to anyone feeling intimidated, scared or at risk, day or night.

Run by For Cardiff, the Safe Places scheme is an accessible, nationwide network of support where anyone feeling vulnerable can take refuge. Whether it’s just to have a conversation, to call a friend, ask someone to call a taxi, or even to dial 999, these are places where a friendly face is guaranteed, and support will always be provided.

Anyone visiting Cardiff can download the Safe Places app to their phone, where users can access and identify the network of open doors available to them on their route home. USW’s Cardiff Campus is now registered on the app, and the campus can be easily identified as a safe place by stickers in its windows.

Andrew Moore, Facilities Manager for Security, Cleaning and Waste, said: “USW is proud to be supporting the Cardiff Safe Places scheme. Our Cardiff campus will provide a safe place during opening hours, for those who may be seeking help from violence or threat.

“Our security team have completed the Cardiff Safe Places training and this will allow them to assist people where required. The University takes the safety of its colleagues and students very seriously, and now, being able to provide this to the general public, is a great step forward.”

For more information on the scheme, go to:

Download the Safe Places app for iPhone or Android.

Note that the app has ‘Get me to my nearest Safe Place Now’ (panic button) which immediately directs you to the nearest open Safe Place. If no Safe Place is located within a 15-minute walk it will automatically offer to call the non-emergency 101 number to get help over the phone.