Travel update for international and EU students

Everyone is aware that the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting international travel with the availability of flights, and some border arrangements changing.

We’re acting on expert and government advice, and keeping everyone updated while making preparations to move to deliver our learning remotely.

We know it’s worrying and we understand if as an international student, you’d prefer to travel home now in case things change. We are not sure when the international situation will resolve itself. If you are ordinarily a resident outside the UK and you wish to return to your home country before the end of term due to travel disruption or border restrictions, you may do so. If you are a Tier 4 visa-holder your visa will not be cancelled and you will be able to use it to return to the UK before the end of your programme, should you wish to.

If you choose to stay in the UK, you will continue to receive the same support as all other USW students

If you do decide to go home: 

  • Keep studying. We’ll be putting arrangements in place to allow remote study on your courses, and we’ll work hard to support you wherever you choose to study.
  • Keep checking USW information for updates. Please check UniLife and your university email regularly. Check that your contact info’ on Quercus is up to date (particularly your personal email address and telephone numbers), so that we can contact you if we need to.

You need to tell us if you’re going home.

If you do choose to return home, all international and EU students must let their course leader know as soon as possible.

International students on a Tier 4 visa

If you are an international student studying with us on a Tier 4 visa (regardless of your year of study) and you decide to return home, you must also email This is very important. 

It is also important for all Tier 4 students to be aware that even if you return home to continue your studies, we will still need to continue to monitor your engagement with your studies as part of our Tier 4 attendance monitoring obligations. You will therefore need to ensure that you follow the instructions about your studies carefully.

Further queries

If you have any queries about any implications to your visa, then please contact Immigration and International Student Advice



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