Changes to your USW IT account

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From Wednesday 3rd June we will be increasing security to your USW student account.  

This will include enabling Microsoft Password Management and Multi-Factor Authentication providing extra protection for your IT account and personal data against phishing attempts and cyber threats.  

Once you have completed the set-up procedure, a notification or text message with a code will be sent to you when you log in. This verifies the person signing in is you. 

What is Multi-Factor Authentication? 

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) strengthens login security by requiring a second piece of information beyond your password. This is usually a temporary code sent to your device, which is then entered when you log in to confirm the person signing in is you. 

Most online bank, email and social media accounts now offer Multi-Factor Authorisation as added protection for your accounts and data security. 

How do I set up MFA? 

From Wednesday 3rd June when you go to access your student account you will be prompted through the set-up procedure, which includes adding two of the following: your mobile number, personal email address or completing a set of security questions. This will enable set up of the new password system and multi-factor authentication in one registration. 

Setup can be completed on any device but our recommended method for MFA is the Microsoft Authentication App or Google Authenticator App, which can be found in your mobile app store.

If you do not have a Smartphone you can set up MFA via text message or voice call, this will send you a code to input when you log into your account. Guidance can be found on our walkthrough videos.

Why are USW increasing security?  

Along with other universities we have noticed an increased threat from phishing attempts and cyber-attacks. The introduction of MFA is part of an initiative to counter these issues and to help you protect access to your accounts and data.  


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