Your student email account has moved!

using a mobile to email

Over the summer, returning student email accounts moved from Gmail to Microsoft Outlook which is part of Office 365. 

Your email address has not changed and you now log in using your full UNI email address e.g.

To access your new Outlook account, you will need to:

  • Log into the UniLife homepage.
  • Select the 'Your Mail' button and you will be directed to your new Outlook account.
  • Your previous emails from your Gmail account have already been forwarded to your new Outlook account.
  • All new emails will be sent to your new Outlook account only. This includes ALL university correspondence such as student status letters, council tax certificates and messages from your lecturers.
  • If you already have your own personal Office 365 account, you are advised to access UniLife and your University Office 365 account via a different browser.

Accessing your email on your own device:

Please note, you will no longer be able to set up a redirect to another email address from your University email account.

If you have any queries about your University email account please contact IT Services.

Your Storage (returning students only)

  • A OneDrive for file storage will be set up in your Office 365 account. This will replace Google Drive.
  • Any files you have saved within Google Drive will NOT be automatically migrated to OneDrive.. 
  • This is so you can decide which files you want to keep and instructions on how to transfer documents are on the Office365 Training site.
  • You have until 31st December 2019 to do this. After this date, your Google account (email and storage) will be archived. 

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