Student Gmail Accounts moving to Microsoft Outlook

Office 365

Over the next few weeks, your student email account will be moving from Gmail to Microsoft Outlook which is part of Office 365. 

Your email address won't change but when you access your new student email account, you will be using Outlook rather than Gmail.

While your email account is being moved . . . 

  • Any emails sent to your student Gmail student account will also be sent to your new student Outlook account.
  • You will still be able to receive external emails to your student Gmail account.
  • You can continue to view your student Gmail account via UniLife, the web and phone app.

Accessing your new student Outlook account once the account has been moved

  • You will need to log into your email via the Unilife homepage and you will be directed to your new Outlook account. 
  • Your email address is your UNI Username eg 
  • Your previous emails will automatically be in your new Outlook account
  • All new emails will be sent to your new Outlook account only.  
  • You can then set up access to your new Outlook account on your own device. 
  • Video tutorials and FAQS will be available via the new Microsoft Office 365 Training site.
  • Please check your email via UniLife regularly over the next few weeks! 

Your Storage

  • A new OneDrive for file storage will be set up in your Office 365 account. 
  • Any files you have saved within Google Drive will NOT be automatically migrated to OneDrive. 
  • This is so you can decide which files you want to keep and instructions on how to transfer documents will be on the IT Services webpages.
  • You have until 31st December 2019 to do this. After this date, your Google account (email and storage) will be archived. 

Benefits of moving to Office 365

You will be able to use Office 365 anywhere once you have logged into your account which means you will be able to access your account from your phone via the Microsoft App available for iOS, Android and Windows Phones. You can also access Office 365 from home on your own PC or laptop.

All your work will also be automatically saved to the Cloud (this can be turned off). This means you won't lose your work due to a power cut or your laptop dying.

You will be able to collaborate and share easily with one another. Real time changes can be made to one shared copy instead of having multiple local copies and versions.

You will always have the latest updates for the software from Microsoft and you will have 1 TB of free storage in OneDrive – the equivalent to 17,000 hours of music or 40 days of movies!

Check UniLife for regular updates on the move to Office 365. If you have any queries about  your current University Gmail account or the transition to Microsoft Outlook please contact IT Services.