Stay Safe during the Festive Season

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Congratulations, you've made it through the first term!  Make sure you get the most out of your time off by looking after yourself and your personal belongings this festive season.

Protecting your property

An empty house is an easy target for would be burglars. Before you go, make sure you:

  • Check all your windows and doors take your valuables home with you or hide them out of sight
  • Ask someone you trust to keep an eye on the property if possible, get them to check no mail is left hanging out of the mailbox
  • Close the ground floor curtains
  • If you have the technology, have the lights in the house come on at set times


If you’re driving home for Christmas, make sure you’ve checked your car before you go (fluid levels, petrol, tyres). The weather at this time of year is unpredictable; make sure you pack a drink and some non-perishables as well as a blanket.


Christmas is a time to relax and let your hair down…especially as you have been studying hard for the past few months. Follow these tips for a safe night out: 

  • Always stay with your group while out. Do not wander off on your own and make sure your friends don’t either
  • Always book a reputable taxi home
  • Never leave your drink unattended 
  • Never leave your bag or phone unattended
  • Stay in well-lit areas if walking from pub to pub or home. Never walk home alone

Finding Support

For all the fun and festivities of the holiday season, for many it can be a time of loneliness or anxiety. If you find Christmas difficult, remember to:

  • Prioritise whatever it is that will help you relax and feel calm
  • Allow yourself the time and space you need
  • If you can, be honest with the people around you
  • Let others know how they can look after you best this Christmas

The Wellbeing Services’ Self-Help page provides a number of useful resources for more information, advice and support during the festive season.

Enjoy the downtime

Finally, be proud of everything you have achieved this term and remember to set aside some time to rest and recuperate before the New Year.

You can find more safety advice that applies to all seasons on the Student Safety webpages.