Don’t give burglars an open invitation

police 1.jpg

South Wales Police are reminding students to be vigilant as burglaries reported in Treforest area.

Statistics show that one in five students fall victim to crime while studying at college or university, with the average break-in costing £900 to repair the damage and replace belongings.

Opportunist thieves often target student halls and houses, as bedroom and flat doors are often left unlocked or ajar, making it a quick in-and-out job for a burglar.

Avoid any unwanted visitors making their way into your home by remembering to close and lock all doors and windows whenever you’re not in – even if you’re only popping out for five minutes.

Another tip is to avoid leaving notes on your door saying you’re away or ‘back soon’ – instead tell your friends face-to-face so they can act as an unofficial student watch while you’re out.

Most students are unaware of crime in their area until they fall prey to it. Familiarise yourself with our tips for protecting your property -  just a few precautions will ensure you and your property are protected from harm.

Together with the Police in your area, we work hard to make sure our students are kept safe and secure whilst studying at the University of South Wales. We recommend downloading our new SafeZone app and making use of the information on our Emergency Contacts page - save these numbers in your phone and know where you can go to find help.

If you are affected by or witness a crime, please report it immediately to University Security or Police. We are here to help and make sure you have a safe time at USW.