9am Starts and Time Management

9am Starts and Time Management

From reading all the Loop comments, one thing that stands out is that students do not like 9am starts. USW understands that 9am starts can cause issues with transport and for some of our students’ childcare, however 9am starts are here to stay. We pride ourselves that as an institution we are preparing our graduates for the workplace after their studies. Remember, in the work environment you will likely be expected to start at 9am if not earlier. In fact, many of our staff start work at 8:00am or earlier!

Think back to when you were in school: you probably had to be in before 9am then. The biggest difference now is that the responsibility is on you to get yourself up and prepared for the day.

How to get up when you need to

Below are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for 9am starts:

  • Set an alarm, wake up at the same time every weekday to get your body clock into a routine.
  • Talking of routines, try to get yourself into a regular one: study time, class time, party time, bedtime!
  • Ahh the joys of a snooze button! Move the alarm clock away from your bed so you have to get up and not hit the snooze button several times!
  • Think positively – early starts may not be perfect but positive thinking goes a long way to improving time management and mental health. Early start = early finish. Early start = enjoying the morning sunshine and views.
  • Start the day right, a nice healthy breakfast with a hot beverage can really get the system going.
  • If the class requires some interaction, then take part. By taking part you are going to pay more attention and be less likely to feel tired as well as retain more information.

If your motivation is low, check out this article for tips on how to motivate yourself.

Managing your time

When you transitioned to University you may have lost the support network you previously had that helped you structure your time. Here are some handy tips to help you become more organised:

  • Routine! It sounds so simple doesn’t it? Get a schedule together and stick to it
  • Avoid procrastination. It is so easy to look on social media for two minutes, but those two minutes can easily turn into an hour! Turn all social media notifications off when you need to do something. Better still find a nice spot to work away from your phone!
  • Checklists! Prioritise what is the most important, get that done and move onto the next thing.
  • Utilise your time. If you are using public transport to get to University, read a journal article, look over class notes, make a list of what you need to do.
  • Plan, plan and plan some more. A plan can help us stay focused especially when it comes to managing multiple pieces of work. Write a good essay plan. Study Skills are an excellent source of help and advice.

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