IT Support

September 25, 2018

IT Support Service is your first point of contact when seeking IT-related queries or guidance.

The University’s IT Support Service can be easily contacted through Point of Business (POB), face-to-face or telephone. IT Support provides technical support for staff and students experiencing issues with IT.

Setting up your account and logging on

The University uses single sign on for the majority of its online services, meaning you will use the same username and password. Some of the services include UniLife, Advice Zone Online, Blackboard and WiFi. To access these platforms, you will need to set up your student IT account using our Self-service Account Administration (SSAA) system.

Configuring eduroam

Eduroam (education roaming) provides roaming WiFi access between institutions throughout Europe, Taiwan and Australia.
To connect to eduroam you will need to provide your username and password. When typing in your username add the text – this will allow you to connect at USW, but if you visit another University, your device will automatically connect to eduroam there too.
IT Services have produced a number of simple How-to Guides to help set up your own device.

Blackboard: Your Online Learning Environment

Blackboard is the University’s online virtual learning environment and is used to provide resources and access to course information.
Blackboard is a web-based resource you can access at any time from any place through the student portal, UniLife. IT Services’ guide, Using Blackboard will help familiarise you with the system.

Within Blackboard, and as part of your assessments, you may be asked to submit work to Turnitin. Turnitin is the system the University uses to check the similarity of your work to a database of content from the web, academic reference materials and other students’ work.
You can find more information and guidance about Turnitin on the Turnitin Feedback Studio Guide pages.


After enrolling, you can access a range of IT support, tools and resources to help in your study, including access to a free subscription to Microsoft Office while you’re studying here.
The University provides the facility to download Microsoft Office applications to your personally owned computer or mobile device at no cost. Information about installing this package can be found on the Office 365 page.
The University currently has a site license for SPSS, the statistical software. This program can only be downloaded and installed on student-owned equipment.

Mobile Apps

There are a number of mobile apps, which give convenient access to University information and resources.

Managing your IT Account

To maintain the security of your account, your password will expire every 120 days and will require updating. You can do this on or before the expiration through the SSAA system.

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