Student Discounts and Freebies

September 3, 2018

You’re probably keen to get the most for the money available to you. Fortunately, there are many student discounts available and some things are even free.

Student Discount Schemes

You have several options:

  • A TOTUM card for £12 is usually worth the investment. All shops with student discount recognise it, and it includes discounts on groceries at The Co-Operative and some products from Amazon, to name just a few highlights.
  • Your Student ID card may also be recognised locally near our campuses, but won’t get you discounts in online shops.
  • UNiDAYS is an alternative, independent student discount scheme / 'digital student ID’, which you can use in online stores and some high street retailers. It’s free to register.
  • StudentBeans also offers a 'digital student ID’ and discounts. It’s free to register.

However, don’t let discounts tempt you into overspending!

Get an overview of Student Discounts on TheStudentRoom and check out the SaveTheStudent’s Student Discounts Directory.

Save money on travel

  • Rail discounts for students: there are several schemes that may allow students to travel more cheaply than simply by buying a train ticket each day, see Train Tickets, Railcards and Discounts.
  • TOTUM card holders can get an exclusive 20% discount on travel across the UK with National Express coaches.
  • If you do have a car, ensure your car insurance is good value (and consider doing a Pass Plus Cymru course, which could get you better deals with insurers).
  • If you need to buy a bicycle, check the student travel pages to find out about discounts the University has negotiated for our students with local bike retailers near your campus.


  • Use Freebies when you can. If you like festivals, go to free festivals. There are also some student freebies on other websites – but always make sure you read the terms and conditions, are comfortable with how your data will be used, and that you don’t inadvertently subscribe to something which will charge you money if you don’t cancel by a certain date.
  • Don’t forget about other free stuff available to everyone, not just students. Websites like freecycle can be amazing for furniture and equipment. Someone else’s junk could be just what you need, and it’s free. Be quick if you do see something, as it’s likely to go quickly if it’s free.
  • Many companies, especially supermarkets and restaurants, have their own savings and loyalty schemes. Even if the discount seems small it’s still a potential saving.

More Advice

For more general money advice, see Advice on Managing Your Money.

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