Moving in

September 3, 2018

Moving away from home and living and studying independently can feel like a big step – here we offer some guidance on arriving and adapting to university life.

Freshers’ week officially begins on Monday 17th September, with classes starting from Monday 24th September. Familiarise yourself with your arrival information to make sure you don’t miss any important deadlines. The type of contract you have with your accommodation provider will determine your official move-in date. Make sure you check your contract – this will state the start date of your contract, which is the day you can move in from.

Don’t forget to look out for our Student Ambassadors when you arrive; the team will help you unpack your car, move in and answer any questions you might have.

Private Accommodation
Living with a group of your peers can be a great experience. You’ll have the chance to make new friends and expand your social circle, experience the camaraderie of spending so much time together and very probably be surprised by seeing how other people really live their lives.

There are challenges too, like sorting out bills, doing your own cooking and making sure your new home is secure. The Private Sector Accommodation page has a lot of useful information, from finding approved accommodation to bills and inventory.

What to bring
Yes, you will need all the practical things like textbooks, stationary, bedding and food, but it’s a good idea to bring things that will make you feel at home. The first few weeks of University will be busy and you’ll meet more people than ever before and possibly forget their names just as quickly. Photographs of friends and family, a favourite teddy and a blanket you’re particularly fond of are all things that will help you settle once Freshers’ week is over and the hard work begins. Here’s a helpful checklist of the do’s and don’ts when packing.

Settling in and support
Our Campus Life Co-ordinators are committed to making sure you settle into University life and have the best possible experience whilst living in student accommodation. The team will be on hand with a listening ear, encouraging you to share your experiences and make use of the quality support services available. Our Campus Life Co-ordinators are permanent residents in Halls during term time and are dedicated to facilitating a positive student experience.

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