New Phishing Email Warning

October 25, 2018

IT Services are aware of a new email phishing attempt today and are advising all students again to be extra vigilant with received emails.

There have been several phishing attempts from imitated USW addresses with malicious links taking users to a fake sign-in page. As with IT Services’ previous Phishing Advice, please be careful when clicking links in emails.

Phishing Email Example:

Example sign-in page:

Actioned Required By Users:

1. If you have clicked and entered your password it is imperative that you immediately change your password using SSAA on an alternative device to that which you used to access the phishing email.

2. You must also notify IT Services via the IT Service Desk System that you have clicked the link, and confirm that you have changed your password. Please use insert description/ heading of “Phishing email link accessed”.

IT Services will continue to monitor the situation closely and undertake any urgent action required.

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