Personal Safety and Protecting Your Property

October 4, 2018

Whether you live in Halls of Residence or in private rented accommodation, we want you to have a safe and happy time whilst studying at the University of South Wales.

The following information will help to protect you and your property from harm.

Crime Prevention

There are simple things you can do to protect yourself, such as not taking ‘shortcuts’ in low footfall areas or walking in poorly-lit streets after dark, carrying a personal safety alarm (free of charge from the Students’ Union on every campus) and reporting suspicious activities to Campus Security Services or local Police. We always recommend having your Campus Security telephone number saved in your phone as well as local emergency contacts, should you need them.

Taking just a few precautions can make a big difference, especially when keeping your property safe. Student houses are prime targets for burglars – it pays to be extra vigilant. Every time you leave your property, remember to lock your doors and windows. Put your valuables out of view of ground floor windows and ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your property when you’re away for a few days. For more tips, see our Burglary Prevention Advice.

Personal Possessions

A thief only needs a moment to make off with your valuables. Your wallet, purse, mobile phone and bankcard are all vulnerable if you look away for a second.

Follow our gadget safety advice and buy insurance so you can replace possessions if they’re stolen – your landlord is responsible for insuring the premises, but you are responsible for insuring your own belongings. Endsleigh offers competitive student prices for coverage of contents, gadgets or both. If the worst happens and you are burgled, contact your landlord and the police immediately. You will need a crime number to make an insurance claim.

If your possessions do become lost or stolen, registering your belongings may help recover them. Immobilise, the UK’s National Property Register, is free to register your valuables with and helps Police identify the owners of recovered property. Registering with the University as part of the Bike and Vehicle Registration Schemes will enable the University to contact you quickly if any issues arise with your bicycle or car.

Police and the Community

The University and local Police Services work together to protect you and your property. If you are a student living and studying on our Treforest, Glyntaff or Cardiff Campuses, South Wales Police are your local policing service. If you are a student at our Newport City campus, Gwent Police’s Stow Hill Ward covers the Newport area. You can find information about police in your area on our Community Policing pages.

South Wales Police have put together their top crime prevention advice as part of the USafe Students campaign. Collect a USafe booklet from the Students’ Union, or download it here for more tips on staying safe and getting the most out of your time at University.

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