Assignment Feedback

November 15, 2018

The University aims to provide feedback to students within twenty working days of the coursework submission deadline (excluding student vacation periods).

You have put in the hard work, submitted your assignment and are now patiently awaiting your results, but you might be wondering what happens after you submit your work.

The Assignment Marking Process

The assignment marking process is made up of a number of phases to ensure sure you receive meaningful feedback which will inform subsequent and related coursework and examination assessments.

A 2000 word assignment takes approx. 20-50 minutes to mark.

  • This is a rough guide, some assignments will be marked differently
  • An average person reads approx. 225 words per minute
  • The original read can take approx. 8-10mins

After reading through your assignment, your lecturer will:

  • Carry out an in-depth re-read, making notes on your work to give you feedback. Approx. 5-15 mins
  • Check on your originality score and whether there is suspected academic misconduct. Approx 1-10 mins
  • A reference check – whether you have used the required method and if you have referenced correctly. Approx 2-8 mins

Multiply this time by the number of students on your module. Remember, there could be more than one class to mark and your lecturer could have multiple assignments from other modules/year groups.

In addition to marking your work, your lecturer might also have to plan lectures and tutorials, mark other assessments, supervise dissertations, conduct their own research and teaching.

Once your lecturer has completed grading your work, the results will be moderated internally by another member of staff to ensure fairness and accuracy in marking.

One last thing….

The grade you are given (after 20 working days) is provisional until the assessments are formally ratified at the university subject boards.

This feature was written by the Advice Zone’s Student Communication Assistant (Graduate Placement) in conjunction with Helen Martin, Academic Subject Manager – Policing and Security.

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