Advice Zone Online Launch

May 18, 2018

Advice Zone Online is USW’s new online student support system, which makes finding answers to your questions easier than ever.

Advice Zone Online is the University’s recently launched online student support system. It’s one central place where you can access support from any part of the University, with any type of issue you might have.

Currently Advice Zone Online lets students view Frequently Asked Questions and ask new questions, which will connect them with the right team at the University to get help.

How do I access Advice Zone Online?
Advice Zone Online can be accessed from the UniLife homepage:

What information can I expect to find in Advice Zone Online?
Advice Zone Online currently features frequently asked questions on everything from ‘Your Course’ to ‘Careers and Employability’. Advice Zone Online also enables you to request student letters. Appointment booking will be launching soon.

How can I view Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)?
Once you have logged into Advice Zone Online with your student credentials, you can browse categories and select a subject to see all related frequently asked questions or search using keywords.

What if I can’t find an answer to my question?
If you can’t find an answer to your question, you can ‘Ask Us a Question’. Your question will automatically be sent to the correct University ‘team’. When your question has been answered an email will be sent to your University email address asking you to login to the system.

How do I view my questions and correspondence?
Your questions are stored securely in Advice Zone Online under ‘My Questions’ enabling you to search and track, current and previous queries. You must login to Advice Zone Online with your University credentials to access and view correspondence.

What if I need to add more information to my query?
If your answer hasn’t been resolved, Advice Zone Online makes it easier to interact with staff and find the answer you’re looking for. Return to your query via the ‘My Questions’ button and select an action to re-open the enquiry.

What does ‘a question has been raised for me’ mean?
Your Campus Advice Zone will raise a question in Advice Zone Online on your behalf if your enquiry is made over the phone or face-to-face. You will need your student ID in both instances to verify your identity.

Students should no longer email their Campus Advice Zone; instead, all questions and enquiries should be logged in Advice Zone Online.

Privacy Statement
Advice Zone Online’s Privacy Statement tells you what information might be collected as you use the system, and how your privacy and data security is protected.

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