Trans Equality Policy Statement

May 8, 2018

The University’s LGBT+ support group have developed a Trans Equality Statement and invite your thoughts and feedback to ensure it is representative of staff and students at USW.

The University’s LGBT+ support group, Spectrum, have developed a Trans Equality Statement for the University to adopt. This statement outlines a number of values to ensure equality and inclusivity for trans staff and students at USW.

Spectrum encourage you to share your thoughts on this policy statement and welcome any feedback you might have, especially if there is anything you feel has not been included that you think needs to be.

The policy statement will continue to be developed in the coming months to include how these principles will be implemented in practice. If you would like to be involved in discussing what needs to be included in the guidance, or you would like to share your feedback, please email and/or

Spectrum invite you to share your views via email, telephone or face to face and welcome all comments by Wednesday 16th May 2018.

Spectrum exists to support students and staff at USW and to promote awareness of LGBT+ issues within the University. It is a collective of LGBT+ staff members and supportive allies.

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