Travelling To University (and Parking!)

August 20, 2018

It’s important to plan how you’ll get to University for the first time and how you’ll commute once you’re studying here.
Where you live and how you get about has a big impact on your quality of life.

Regular Commuting

Car parking for students is very limited. We recommend walking or using public transport to get to all our campuses.

There are many ways to get to campus. The easiest, cheapest and least stressful is often walking, and walking is good for you! Even 10 mintues a day has health benefits. All five campuses have plenty of student accommodation on-site or nearby.

If you live further away you could cycle, take the train or bus, drive by car, or ride a motorbike.

Outside campus, many streets are permit parking only, with a limited number of permits per household. Councils apply a “no leniency” policy to enforcement of parking regulations, with frequent visits by traffic wardens to streets near our campuses. We want the University to be a valued part of our local communities. Please always park considerately.

Campus-specific Information

Useful Links

Moving to Uni

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