"The New World Order: Winners and losers" - free talk

May 2, 2017

Talk CANCELLED – to be rescheduled at a later date.

Dyfrig John CBE, global banking and investment expert, is giving a talk at USW on 12th May.


Dyfrig, a graduate of USW, has worked at the highest levels of international banking and finance, culminating in his tenure as Chief Executive of HSBC. He has also served on the boards of the Lloyds Banking Group and Principality. Dyfrig’s contribution to banking was described by HSBC Chairman Stephen Green as “immeasurable”.

In the hour-long lecture at USW – entitled The New World Order: Winners and Losers – Dyfrig will discuss the developments at home and abroad that have led to the UK’s impending exit from Europe, the rise of populist leaders in Europe, and the election of President Trump. He will examine what the future holds, not only for the UK, but for the global economy.

Dr Andrew Thompson, Head of USW’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences, said: “With all that is currently happening in the global economy, not least the uncertainty about Brexit, it is our pleasure to welcome on to campus one of the most respected figures in the UK financial services industry.

“Dyfrig John is one of the most senior figures in the British banking and finance sector, so it is a great privilege to welcome him to the University. Given all the change we are experiencing at the moment, not least with a General Election on the horizon, it is especially important to take a longer view of the direction in which we are moving, economically and politically.

“In his remarks on the future of the world economy, Dyfrig John does just that. He will be looking at, but also beyond, Brexit and Trump, to the changing place of European states, the rise of China and India as the world’s great economies of the near future and of the changing face of work in the global economy. More than ever we need to think not just big but also long – that’s what the audience will be invited to do in this talk.”

The lecture is open to members of the public, as well as school and college groups. It is part of USW’s Global Choices: Talking Points series.

The event starts at noon on May 12th at Treforest Campus.

The event is free to attend, book a place here.

For more information about Global Choices and other free talks see the Global Choices site.

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