NSS Race Week Three: it's Neck and Neck as we Enter the Final Stretch!

February 20, 2017

We’re entering the final sprint of the first phase of the NSS Race: the School with the highest response rate by next Tuesday will win the first celebration event!

Prizes you can win this year:

  1. If you complete the survey before 28th February, you will be entitled to a free hot drink. Vouchers are available from the Advice Zones on each campus.
  2. If you complete the survey at any point, you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win one of four £250 Amazon vouchers. The winners will be selected by Ipsos Mori and they will be informed if they have won by the end of April 2017.
  3. NEW for 2017: the University will pay the Students’ Union to organise a celebration event for students of the Schools…
    • with the highest percentage response rate by the 28th February
    • with the highest percentage response rate by the 30th April

The Final Stretch

As far as faculties go, Creative Industries students have maintained their pole position for a third week in a row, but Business & Society is snapping at their heels.

However, to win the prize, it’s a race between the Schools. After three weeks, he School of Care Sciences is still in the lead for winning the Celebration Event. Looks like nurses and midwives are the keenest for a celebration! Their faculty-mates in the School of Health, Sport and Professional Science, on the other hand, appear to be slowpokes when it comes to filling in surveys, languishing in last place (43%), dragging down the average for LSE...

The top five still contains the same schools as last week, but the order has changed. Looks like a neck-and-neck race heading for a photo finish!

Fill in the NSS, encourage your coursemates, and spread the word!

If you want a chance to party, help your School top the league by the end of the month!

FBS:59%, CES:54%, FCI:60%, LSE:54%

Here’s how USW’s Schools are doing at the end of week one:

Care Sciences: 67%, Art and Design: 65%, Psychology and Therapeutic Studies: 65%, Humanities and Social Sciences:63%, Computing and Mathematics: 63%

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