Disruptive Incidents Around Treforest Campus

February 6, 2017

The Students’ Union and the local police have been dealing with a number of disruptive incidents in and around campus.

We’d like to ask students to be more conscientious of their actions at and near Uni, and in particular think about how those actions might impact other people. We know that most of our students don’t cause problems in their communities but unfortunately some do, and some are suffering from their neighbours’ antisocial behaviours.

Complaints received have included:

  • Noise levels from students going home.
  • Tipping waste bins over.
  • Leaving bottles and cans in the area.
  • House parties and excessive noise levels.

If behaviour like this continues, the Students’ Unions risks losing their venue license.

Please remember that people around you will have different lifestyles. Young families, elderly people, people doing 9-5 jobs, students on other courses – they all have different schedules. The page Neighbours and Community Living has some ideas about the things you might consider, so we can all live as easily and stress free together as possible.

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