New Campus Emergency Number - (01443 4) 83333

August 7, 2017

The University has introduced a new internal emergency number 83333 (01443 483333 from a mobile) to be used in the event that a fire is discovered or an ambulance is required on campus.

The number puts you through to the Treforest Gatehouse, which is staffed 24/7/365, so that security can manage the arrival of the emergency services. The new number replaces the requirement to call 9 999 and works across all campuses.

The benefit of this system, is that it has the facility for the security staff to patch the caller through to the emergency operator, so the security staff are informed of where the ambulance is required and the caller can give up-to-date information to the Ambulance Service.

Estates are in the process of replacing the existing fire action notices and first aid posters with ones containing the new number. For more informatiomn contact C. Wayne Jones, Health and Safety Adviser.

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