IT Systems Will Be Running 'At Risk' on Monday 10th April

April 7, 2017

A Business Continuity Test Day scheduled for Monday 10th April will put all of the University’s IT systems 'at risk’ to test whether they can cope under pressure.

What does that mean?

IT Services are not anticipating any disruption to services, but systems will be 'at risk’, so problems are more likely to occur than usual. IT Services can’t plan for where these might occur, so please be prepared for potential delays or temporary loss of services during the day.

Monday 10th April is the first day of the Easter vacation, so there will be limited impact on teaching and learning and IT Services are not expecting many assessment submissions.

What do I need to do?

On Monday, please save any work you do on Univeristy computers as regularly as you can, and back it up where possible.

How do I report an IT issue on 10th April?

Via IT Customer Support on 01443 482882

How long will services be at risk?

We expect normal service to be resumed on Tuesday 11th April.

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