Freshers' Guide to... Neighbours

September 22, 2016

Good relations with your neighbours can help prevent stress and conflicts, so make sure you say hello as soon as you’ve settled in!

Saying hellow with cake is especially friendly

Know your neighbours

  • Introduce yourself. Communities are more secure when people know who lives around them.
  • Exchange contact details. If there’s a problem, it’s better if people can get in touch easily.
  • Keep them in mind. Do you have neighbours in a wheelchair? Don’t obstruct pavements with bin bags any longer than you have to. Student neighbours? Don’t throw a party the night before their exams. Elderly or vulnerable neighbours? Checking in on them during heat waves or very cold weather could make a big, potentially even life-saving difference.

Prevent stress

The most common sources of stressful disagreements among neighbours are…

  • Noise
  • Rubbish (and waste collection issues)
  • Visible mess
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Parking
  • Pets

... which we cover in detail on the Neighbours and Community Living page, along with advice about what to do if you’re having a problem with neighbours.


Don’t forget the closest neighbours: those who share a house with you! See our Freshers’ Guide to Shared Accommodation for a few brief tips and useful links!

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