Reminder: Treforest Side Gate Closed at Night due to Noise Complaints

October 27, 2016

Following ongoing complaints from local residents about the amount of noise from students leaving campus in the early hours of the morning, the Brook Street gate has been closing at 10.30pm each night since Monday 17th October 2016. The gate re-opens at approximately 4.30am.

The gate is near Ferndale Building at the north edge of campus. You can find it marked as 'Entrance (Pedestrian only)’ on the Treforest Campus Map.

If you were planning to use the gate to exit/enter campus late at night please use an alternative route, rather than getting to the gate and finding it closed.

Residential Noise

People around you will have different lifestyles. Young families, elderly people, people doing 9-5 jobs, students on other courses – they all have different schedules.

  • Loud music, videogames/TVs and late night noise are the most common causes for complaints. When listening to music at home, consider using headphones. Don’t use subwoofers regularly.
  • Street noise. When you’re returning from a night out, do so without waking up the entire street.
  • Noise inside your house may travel. If you can hear your neighbours, they can hear you, too. Shouting, running, using noisy appliances such as washing machines and banging doors can probably be heard next door. Some noises, such as the washing machine, are unavoidable, but you can limit these to daytime.
  • Parties. If you want to throw a party, let neighbours know in advance, and make sure they know how to contact you if it gets too much for them. Also let them know the time by which the party will end and stick to that promise.
  • Guests can be noisy even if you aren’'t. Ask your guests to be considerate. Encourage them to be quiet when leaving your home.

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