Study Stress, Short Fuses and Self-Care

May 9, 2016

With its exams and deadlines, the summer term can be quite stressful. It’s a testing time for everyone. Please be considerate and take good care of yourself.

  • Noise – whether in study areas or at home, make sure you don’t inadvertently disturb other students
  • Household chores – it can be tempting to avoid housekeeping entirely, or go on lengthy cleaning sprees as a form of procrastination. Neither is a good idea, but if you live with others, try not to be ‘the messy one’ in the flat!
  • Self-care – caffeine, snack food and all-nighters are not the best combo for your wellbeing!
    • Don’t forget to take a few breaks, drink plenty of water, have some healthy food, sleep enough, and take good care of yourself.
    • A bit of fresh air and even a trip to the gym can help clear the mind for the next revision session.
    • If you study longer hours and this changes the time you go home, then keep your personal safety in mind. After an all-nighter in the library, apply the same precautions you’d adhere to if you were going on a night out.
    • Watch your personal belongings – don’t leave them in a public area if you dash to the loo / coffee shop / bookshelf.
  • Conflict – if someone else’s behaviour is bothering or disturbing you, find a polite way to raise this with them. They may not be aware that there is any issue: not all annoying behaviours are malicious in intent.

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