EU Referendum – How does it affect you?

June 24, 2016

The electorate has voted that the UK should leave the European Union. The presumed process, commencing this Autumn and using Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, should take up to two years.

How does this affect you as a student?

Current EU students
Your immigration status and associated fee status, as well as your access to Erasmus grants or student loans, have not changed as a result of the vote. This will remain the case until the UK Government decides otherwise.

UK students studying in the EU and elsewhere under the Erasmus programme
Your immigration status has not changed, and you continue to be eligible for your Erasmus grant until at least as long as we remain a member of the EU – and could well be extended beyond this.

How does this affect university research and researchers?

The UK’s status as a full participating member of the Horizon 2020 programme has not changed as a result of the referendum vote and, existing project grants and contracts will be honoured unless or until advised otherwise. Universities UK is liaising with the UK Research Office and the European Commission. Detailed advice on prospective and currently negotiated projects will be circulated as soon as it is available.

Who can I speak to if I have concerns?

If you have a specific concern related to an experience you have had as a result of the referendum, please see our Advice and Support pages for available services.

If you have general concerns about this decision, you could write to your MP, MEP, AM or other political representatives, see them at an MP surgery, and make sure your concerns are being taken into consideration by politicians ahead of the negotiations.

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