Furry Friends and Student Life

August 24, 2016

In the past few years, the university has received anecdotal reports that some pets have been poorly cared for and, in a few cases, abandoned by students.

Please don’t get a pet while you’re a student. If you already own a pet, please think very carefully before deciding whether to take it to university with you.

Pets are not allowed in student halls. Most tenancy agreements with private landlords also prohibit the keeping of pets.

Even if you move into accommodation that allows pets, caring for an animal is a big commitment which may not be compatible with student life.

Many pets have a longer life expectancy than the duration of a university course. Anyone getting a pet has to be able to care for the animal permanently.

Abandoning a pet is cruel and illegal under UK law, as it is the pet owner’s responsibility to ensure their pet 'has somewhere suitable to live’.

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