Student Loans Scams

September 21, 2015

Be very careful if you are contacted by someone claiming to be from the Student Loans Company (Student Finance England / Wales / Scotland / Northern Ireland) – it could be a scammer trying to steal your money.

Students regularly receive emails from scammers and spammers – including, sometimes, emails to their University email accounts. Some even receive fraudulent phone calls.

Never give out sensitive personal details, bank details, passwords or PINs via email or over the phone.

Around the three main Student Loan dates in September (now!), January and April these scam emails are often related to Student Loans, and are intended to trick students into handing over financial account details and ultimately their money.

The scammers will use cleverly written subject lines and messages to make the emails sound convincing and urgent, and will make the messages look very similar to official correspondence by using matching graphics and URLs.

This isn’t just a theoretical problem. A few years ago, scam emails directed students to a fake lookalike website and £1,600,000 was taken from students across the UK. See the final paragraphs of the Criminal gangs target Student Loans Company news story on the BBC for more information.

Our Student Safety and Crime Prevention UniLife channel has a guide to Fraudsters impersonating the Student Loans Company. Reading it could save you a lot of money.

There is also a page of other scams targeting students to watch out for.

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