Restrictions Applying to Food Being Offered on USW Campuses

March 5, 2015

Following the introduction of new legislation in December 2014 covering allergens, the University has decided that we can no longer permit individuals to offer any foodstuffs on USW campuses.

The University is held responsible and liable under criminal and civil law for ensuring compliance of any food being offered on campus. Food production is strictly regulated to protect people from food poisoning and allergens, which can be potentially lethal.

To protect students, staff and visitors and ourselves against prosecution, the University is banning all private individuals and organisations which lack demonstrative proof of their compliance with all legislation from offering any food on campus, whether for sale or for free. Amongst other things, the ban applies to student bake sales, charity fundraisers, food being given away/offered for free by any person or group.

Only fully compliant food providers are allowed to offer/sell food on our campuses. Principally, that means the catering outlets run by Campus Services and the Students’ Union are the only permitted suppliers of food on campus. For more information, please see the Food Sold on University Campuses policy.

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