Health & Wellbeing Service - New Name?

August 7, 2015

The Health & Wellbeing Service are looking for a new name which more clearly communicates the work they do.

To have your say please choose your preferred name on this very quick survey (it only has one question!):
Health & Wellbeing Service – New Name?

The new name will need to cover the following aspects of the service:

  • Counselling – talking through concerns and exploring options or strategies to manage them
  • Health – nurses who advise on general health and wellbeing and promote health
  • Mental Wellbeing – support and advice, including practical support

The service is there to help students, so it would really help to know what name students think would make most sense to them.

Below is a list the team have come up with as possible options (no. 9 being the current name):

  1. Wellbeing Service
  2. Wellbeing Team
  3. Integrated Care Service/Team
  4. Care Service/Team
  5. Student & Staff Support Service
  6. Support & Development Service
  7. Health, Wellbeing & Counselling Service
  8. Counselling, Health & Wellbeing Service
  9. Health & Wellbeing Service
  10. Thrive & Progression Service

For more information please contact Health and Wellbeing Manager Jenny England.

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