Campus Changes Update: Financial Reimbursements

October 15, 2014

The University has updated the 'Frequently Asked Questions’ page in light of questions students have been asking.

One of the questions asked a lot relates to reimbursements:

“If I have to transfer course to another campus and this increases my travel and/or accommodation costs, will I be reimbursed?”

The updated answer is: “Our intention would always be that any student whose course moves will not be worse off, whether that is in terms of their student experience or other issues like this. In discussion with the Students’ Union, who represent the interests of students, a fund has been set aside to cover payments to returning students who are affected by changes to location of course delivery. Applications will be administered via the Student Money Service. The payments will be for additional travel costs, rather than relocation of accommodation or other costs. More details will come in due course.”

For more information about recent updates, see the Campus Changes page on UniLife.

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