When will I get my student loan/grant?

September 9, 2013

The exact date when students receive their student loan payment can vary, but this article details what the University anticipates will happen.

This article relates to student loans (maintenance and grants) from the Student Loans Company (SLC) and its regional parts (Student Finance England, Student Finance Wales, Student Awards Agency for Scotland and Student Finance Northern Ireland).

Important points

  • Make sure you have completed the enrolment process.
  • Make sure you have completed your application for funding.
  • Arrive at university with access to a reserve of money that could last you at least two weeks beyond the day when your loan/grant is due to arrive.
  • If you have applied late for a student loan/grant, the first payment is likely to be delayed, and the information on this page will not apply to you.
  • Please note that the first payment date indicated by the Student Loans Company is when they estimate you will be paid – it is not guaranteed
  • Student Loan Payments 2 and 3 are usually received on time (i.e. any delay to the first payment does not affect second and third payment dates).

Predicted payment dates

The University of South Wales was formed through a merger in April 2013. There are still two separate student records systems in operation, which means the processes vary, depending on which course you are enrolled on and which student record system your details are stored in.

Students based in Caerleon and Newport

Most students in Newport and Caerleon will enrol online this year. Once you have enrolled online, there are two days of importance: the day the University confirms to the SLC that you are a student, and the day when payment arrives in your bank account.

If you are a first year student, or you are a returning student who can choose some of your modules, then the confirmation that you are a student occurs after you have attended an induction session on campus and collected your Student ID Card. The University sends data to the Student Loans Company several times a week. It takes up to five working days after this confirmation before you receive the Student Loan in your bank account. So if your induction session is on 16th September, the earliest expected day your loan/grant could be in your bank account would be 23rd September.

If you are a returning student who does not have to make any module choices, then the University aims to confirm your student status to the Student Loans Company before the start of term. If you enrol online before 9th September, the student loan/grant could be in your bank account for 16th September.

Students based in Cardiff, Glyntaff or Treforest

All students with student accounts of this type are enrolling online this year. The University confirms your student status and the expected course start date to the Student Loans Company after your enrolment. The student loan / grant should then arrive in your bank account after (but close to) the start of term (term starts on 23rd September for most courses) or up to five working days after the day the confirmation was passed to the SLC – whichever is the later.

Off-campus students

If you are not sure what type of student account / record you have, find out by trying to log in to the student portals:

Or you can contact the Student Records team to check: email studentrecords@southwales.ac.uk or phone 01443 483348.


If you have any questions regarding enrolment, please contact the Student Administration Team: email studentrecords@southwales.ac.uk or phone 01443 483348.

If you have any questions about student funding, please contact the Student Money Advice Team.

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