Student loans payments - frequently asked questions

September 24, 2012

The University has been receiving many comments from students disappointed that their Student Loans and Grants have not yet arrived in their bank accounts.

When will I receive my loan?

Please see Information about the payment of your Student Loan and Grants

What is different this year?

Following legislative changes in Wales for the 12/13 Academic Year, the Welsh Government updated its regulations for all Welsh universities.

These regulations required the University to change the way it confirms attendance of its students to the Student Loans Company (SLC). For new students the University is required to confirm that a student has actually presented at the University and begun to attend the course and for returning students to confirm that the student has enrolled and confirm this on the first day of term.

Once this confirmation has been sent to the Student Loans Company (SLC), the SLC then pays any loans/grants, which can take 3-5 working days to arrive in a student’s bank account. The confirmation for enrolled returning students has therefore been made today (first day of term) and will be made daily for new students as and when they 'present’ themselves for ID card production.

What has the University done to tell students about this?

The University informed students about this via a number of channels, including Glamlife news items posted on 15th August and 20th September at Both items also appeared on Glamlife’s Facebook and Twitter feeds. There have been promotions on the Glamlife home page linking to those news items, as well as information provided as part of the online enrolment process.

When it became clear this morning that not all students had heard of the changes, the University decided to additionally send an urgent email to all students.

I’m in trouble. What can I do?

Any students who are in financial difficulty whilst they await their first payment are advised to contact the Student Money Service as soon as possible to discuss their personal circumstances and any potential assistance that may be available.

I’ve heard things are different at other universities…

The University of Glamorgan cannot comment on how other universities operate.

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