New: relaxation therapies offered at The Meeting House

September 20, 2012

The Chaplaincy offers students opportunities to receive aromatherapy massage of the head, back, shoulders, neck, hands or feet and other alternative therapies from a qualified therapist, Sian Davey.

Sian is an experienced practitioner who is available for advice and consultations. She also makes organic aromatherapy products such as bath oils, hand and body creams. These are blended to suit your requirements, from relaxing and uplifting, to energising and pampering.

Some of the therapies offered have historical links with oriental religious traditions, but Chaplaincy offers them purely as a way of relieving stress: they will not be accompanied by any religious teaching.


Foot and Lower Leg Massage
This popular massage soothes soreness, aches and pains, and can help to relieve general stress.
30 mins, £15

Head And Shoulder Massage With Oils
Headaches and tension across the shoulders and upper back are familiar ailments for those working at computers for long periods of time. This therapy helps to relax muscles and lift tension.
30 mins, £15

Head And Shoulder Massage
This therapy offers a relaxing head, shoulder and upper back massage. During this therapy, clients remain seated in a chair and fully clothed.
30 mins, £15

Back Massage
A stress relieving massage that concentrates on the back, shoulders, neck and head with the option to add a mini hand or foot massage.
45 mins, £25

Aromatherapy Hand And Lower Arm Massage
A relaxing and therapeutic massage which helps to unwind.
15 mins, £7

To make an appointment, call in at The Meeting House or contact the Chaplaincy.

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