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October 19, 2012

The Chaplaincy is starting a Book of Remembering, in which students and staff are invited to enter the names of people close to them who have died. They may be students or staff members, or relations and friends who were not themselves part of the University.

The book will be kept at the Meeting House and always available in a quiet place for anyone who wishes to come and look at it. If you would like to have a name included in it, please come to the Meeting House and ask or email us at We can include with the name a few words of information and tribute, and have the page displayed on a chosen date, such as the person’s birthday or the anniversary of their death.

There will be a special “Time to Remember” On Tuesday, 6th November at 5.30 pm, to which we invite anyone who has lost a relative or friend to come and reflect on that person’s life and give thanks in the company of others who have experienced bereavement. It will be a Christian service, but you don’t have to be a Christian believer to join in: we all react in different ways and have our different ways of coming to terms with death and trying to understand it. If you cannot come to the event itself, you are invited to come in and hang a name or a token of your remembrance on the Tree of Memories which will be in the Meeting House for the whole of that day.

The Chaplains are always available if you want to talk about bereavement or any other issue.

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