Students make false allegations to the Police

May 2, 2012

The local Police are keen to ensure that students continue to report instances of genuine crime when they witness or experience it. You can find details on reporting crime on our Community Policing page on Glamlife.

Unfortunately, the University has been informed that a small number of students have intentionally made false allegations that crimes have taken place. The consequence of these allegations has resulted in tying up limited resources for both the Police and the University.

The University wishes to impress on students that they should not make false allegations to the Police. The consequences for students who are caught making such an allegation can be far reaching. The Police have imposed fixed penalties of £80 for wasting police time which creates a criminal record for the individual concerned. For more extreme cases the individual can be prosecuted in court and, if found guilty, receive a criminal conviction.

Both criminal records and convictions can have a serious affect on your future job prospects as you may be required to disclose them to an employer if requested. Some professional bodies have explicit rules about criminal records and convictions so having either may affect whether you can work in the career you are studying for.

In some cases reported to us the false allegation was made in order to make an equally false claim under an insurance policy. Clearly, the insurance company may not be sympathetic when considering what action to take against individuals and they may also wish to pursue criminal prosecution.

As a student of this University, students are reminded that they are subject to the Regulations Governing Student Conduct which includes penalties for students of fines up to a £1000 and even expulsion from the university.

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